26 Spectacular Facts You Did Not Know About Cesar Cielo

1. Csar Cielo Filho (Portuguese pronunciation:, born 10 January 1987) is a Brazilian competitive swimmer who specializes in sprint events.

2. He is the most successful Brazilian swimmer in history, having obtained three Olympic medals, winning six individual World Championship gold medals and breaking two world records.

3. Cielo is the current world record holder in the 100-metre and 50-metre freestyle (long course).

4. His gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics, in the 50-metre freestyle competition, is Brazil’s only Olympic gold in swimming to date.

5. In 2008, he broke the NCAA record in the 50-yard (46m) freestyle (18.47 seconds) and in the 100-yard (91m) freestyle (40.92 seconds).

6. Cielo became the fastest swimmer in the world in the two distances, and was named NCAA Swimmer of the Year for the second year in a row.

7. Csar Cielo was born on January 10, 1987 in Santa Brbara d’Oeste, So Paulo, Brazil.

8. The son of pediatrician Csar Cielo and physical education teacher Flvia Cielo, Cielo began his athletic career at small swimming clubs in his native state.

9. As a young teenager, Cielo trained under coach Mario Francisco Sobrinho at the Esporte Clube Barbarense, where his mother taught swimming.

10. When he was 13, Cielo started training in Piracicaba at the Clube de Campo de Piracicaba under coach Reinaldo Rosa.

11. At 16 years old, he transferred to Esporte Clube Pinheiros in So Paulo to train under coach Alberto Silva and Brazilian swimming legend Gustavo Borges.

12. As a gift while at Esporte Clube Pinheiros, he received the swimsuit used by Borges in Athens 2004.

13. When Cielo was a child, his father formed a group to organize and encourage swimming at Esporte Clube Barbarense.

14. They began to create competitions and take the boys on trips.

15. At one point, there were 500 people practicing swimming at the club, in a city, which almost 20 years later, has less than 200,000 inhabitants.

16. Werner Schultz constructed a swimming pool with two Olympic lanes in the courtyard of his house, where Cielo used to train.

17. Maria Schultz, mother of Andr Schultz, said, “He could not bear to lose.

18. Several American coaches say this: that good swimmers like to win, and exceptional not afford to lose.

19. Cielo was so eager for victory that during the 1996 Summer Olympics, at nine years old, he was already studying his main reference, Russian Alexander Popov, through videos, noting details like his starts (block outputs) and turnarounds.

20. In the region at the time, Guilherme Guido stood out as the opponent to beat.

21. Guido defeated Cielo repeatedly in freestyle, while Cielo won the backstroke events.

22. However, at a certain point, Guido began to lose to freestyle opponents, and began competing in backstroke events.

23. At age 15, Cielo attended a series of trainings in Florida, USA, and returned home, willing to defeat Guido.

24. When Cielo and Guido were reunited in a 100m freestyle contest, Guido fell behind and lost.

25. From then on, Guido focused on backstroke, reversing positions with Cielo.

26. In 2005, Cielo received a scholarship from Auburn University in the United States.

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