5 Amusing Secrets Of David Dastmalchian

1. David Dastmalchian is an American actor known for film, television and theatre work.

2. In March 2014, Dastmalchian was awarded the Special Jury Prize for Courage in Storytelling at the South by Southwest Film Festival.

3. He wrote and starred in the feature film Animals, directed by Collin Schiffli.

4. Other feature film appearances include starring roles in the psychological thriller The Employer, the indie grindhouse hit Sushi Girl, the Detroit-based drama Cass , Saving Lincoln, Virgin Alexander and the Peyton Reed-helmed Marvel Studios film, Ant Man.

5. He has been on television as Simon on the Fox sci-fi series Almost Human episode “Simon Says”, as a chess expert and murder suspect on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and as Oz Turner on the new BBC series Intruders.

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