11 Skvělé pravdy jste nevěděli o Natalie Dormer

1. Ona stala se známá pro její role jako Annu Boleynovou v seriálu Showtime Tudorovci .

2. She has been nominated for Best Performance at the Gemini Awards for her work in The Tudors.

3. She grew up with her stepfather , matka, sister Samantha, and brother Mark.

4. During her school years, Dormer trained in dance at the Allenova School of Dancing.

5. Six months after graduating from Webber Douglas, Dormer won the role of Victoria in Casanova. This was her film debut and it was released in 2005.

6. After the filming of Casanova, Dormer was out of work for ten months, which she ascribes tobad representation”.

7. She was attached to an independent film which kept being delayed because of financial problems.

8. Taken off the audition circuit, Dormer waitressed and worked in data entry to support herself.

9. In 2007 and 2008, Dormer played Anne Boleyn in the first two seasons of The Tudors, for which she received highly positive reviews.

10. Také v tomto roce, she appeared in Incendiary, but her scenes were cut from the final film. In March 2010, she made her stage debut at the Young Vic theatre in London as Mizi in the play Sweet Nothings.

11. In The Observer, theatre critic Susannah Clapp praised the performances of the cast and wrote: “Natalie Dormer is lissome as a dirty, delightful gadabout, pushing aside an entire chess game in order to put down her hat.

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