21 Amusing Truths Of Mark Ballas

1. Ballas is a professional ballroom dancer on the ABC program Dancing with the Stars.

2. He is also a singer/songwriter/musician and released his first solo CD HurtLoveBox in March 2011.

3. Ballas was born in Houston, Texas, the son of dancers Corky Ballas

4. Ballas attended Rosemead Preparatory School in South London, and was in the same year as acclaimed British ballet dancer Max Westwell of the English National Ballet.

5. At the age of 11, he earned a full-time slot at the Academy, as well as earning a full scholarship to the college.

6. He then moved on to win championships at The British Open to the World, The US Open to the World, and The International Open to the World.

7. With his former partner Julianne Hough, he won the Junior Latin American Dance Championship and the gold medal at the Junior Olympics.

8. As a youth, Ballas was a member of a pop singing trio called “2B1G”, along with Julianne Hough and Derek Hough.

9. As an actor, Ballas played the lead role of Tony in the musical Copacabana and was the lead dancer in the UK national tour of the Spanish musical Maria de Buenos Aires.

10. On the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars, Ballas was partnered with Cheetah Girls star Sabrina Bryan.

11. They have been the only couple invited back for an exhibition dance.

12. On August 25, 2008, ABC announced the cast of the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars, with Ballas paired with reality television star Kim Kardashian.

13. They were the third couple eliminated, finishing in eleventh place, on September 30, 2008.

14. They were voted off in week six and came in 9th place.

15. For season 10, Ballas was partnered with actress Shannen Doherty. They were the first couple eliminated, on March 30, 2010.

16. Despite that, Shannen & Mark hold a higher average than a few celebrities who lasted longer than them.

17. For season 11, Ballas was partnered with Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska governor and U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

18. They made it to the finale and finished in third place.

19. For season 12, Ballas was partnered with Disney Channel star Chelsea Kane.

20. They made it to the finals where they finished in third place.

21. For season 13, Ballas was partnered with reality star Kristin Cavallari where they were the 3rd couple eliminated finishing in 10th place.

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