6 Datos lindo Acerca de Nicole de Boer

1. Ella es conocida por su papel en el cubo de película de culto como Joan Leaven, playing Ezri Dax on the final season of Star Trek: Espacio profundo nueve .

2. Her first major television work was in the CBC series 9B, followed by a recurring role on the Canadian sketch comedy show The Kids in the Hall as Laura, girlfriend of Bobby Terrance .

3. She starred in the short-lived 1997 SyFy Channel series Deepwater Black as Yuna.

4. This was followed by a role in the cult favourite science fiction film, Cube .

5. She was featured in two episodes of the Canadian-produced series The Outer Limits.

6. Ella jugó a Dr.. Alison Porter in the SyFy series Stargate Atlantis, appearing in the fifth season episodeWhispers”.

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