11 Surprising Secrets You Did Not Know About David Harbour

1. David Harbour is an American actor who has performed in film, televisio, and the theatre.

2. He currently stars in the Netflix TV Series Stranger Things as main character Police Chief Jim Hopper.

3. Harbour got his professional start on Broadway in 1999 in the revival of The Rainmaker and made his television debut in 1999 in an episode of Law & Tilaus , playing a waiter.

4. He appeared again in 2002 in an episode of Law & Tilaus: Erikoisyksikkö.

5. He played the recurring role of MI6 agent Roger Anderson in the ABC television series Pan Am.

6. He also received praise for his role as Paul Devildis on a 2009 episodi lain & Tilaus: Rikollisessa tarkoituksessa. His other film credits include Brokeback Mountain, The Green Hornet, End of Watch and Between Us.

7. Tässä 2013, he played a small role of a head doctor in the American TV series Elementary.

8. He has also played the recurring role of Elliot Hirsch in The Newsroom between 2012 ja 2014.

9. Tässä 2014 he played the recurring character of Dr. Reed Akley in the first season of the historical drama series Manhattan.

10. Harbour currently plays the lead role of Chief Jim Hopper on the Netflix original series Stranger Things.

11. Harbour is expected to play title character of Hellboy in the film reboot Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen

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