10 Segreti potenti di Robert Beltran

1. Beltran è nato a Bakersfield, California, il figlio di Aurelia Olgin e Louis Perez Beltran, prima generazione messicano-americani.

2. He has two sisters and seven brothers, including the well-known Latin Jazz musician Louie Cruz Beltran.

3. Beltran graduated from California State University, Fresno with a degree in Theater Arts and moved to Los Angeles to begin his acting career.

4. He has been working steadily since 1979 in both theater and film.

5. Beltran had his first film role in Zoot Suit in 1981, but his breakthrough came in 1982 when he played Raoul in the cult classic film Eating Raoul.

6. He was in the 1984 TV movie The Mystic Warrior as the Native AmericanAhbleza”, and starred as Hector in the 1984 cult classic, Night of the Comet.

7. Beltran is perhaps best known for his role as Commander Chakotay, first officer of the starship Voyager, in the science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager from 1995 A 2001.

8. Beltran won the Nosotros Golden Eagle Award for Outstanding Actor in a Television Series in 1997.

9. He was nominated in 1996 for the NCLR Bravo Award for Outstanding Television Series Actor in a Crossover Role, and the ALMA Award for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Television Series in a Crossover Role in 1998 e 1999.

10. He is also a member of the Classical Theater Lab, an ensemble of professional actors who co-produced his production of Hamlet in 1997, che ha diretto e interpretato.

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