15 Segreti Allegro È non sapeva di Denise Crosby

1. Lei è anche conosciuta per i suoi numerosi ruoli cinematografici e televisivi, e per la protagonista di produzione e le Trekkies pellicola.

2. Denise Michelle Crosby was born on November 24, 1957 a Hollywood, California, the out-of-wedlock daughter of Marilyn Scott and actor Dennis Crosby.

3. Her mother pursued a sensational, three-year-long lawsuit against her father, at the conclusion of which he was ordered to pay child support and legal fees.

4. Although Crosby was 19 when her grandfather died, she never met him.

5. Crosby attended LeConte Junior High School, followed by Hollywood High School and Cabrillo College, where she studied theater.

6. She started modeling and in 1979 posed nude for Playboy magazine, which she calledsome kind of rebellion on my part, some way of saying screw you to the family image”.

7. Nei primi anni 1990, she played the role of the mayor in the short-lived series Key West.

8. She also appeared in two episodes of the cable television series Red Shoe Diaries, playing a different character in each episode.

9. In 1991, she was a guest star inThe Deadly Nightshade”, a first season The Flash episode as Dr. Rebecca Frost.

10. One of her first film appearances was in the 1982 Nick Nolte/Eddie Murphy film 48 ore.

11. This was followed by a small role in the 1982 film Trail of the Pink Panther, which she reprised in the sequel Curse of the Pink Panther.

12. In the same year she played a robotics engineer, Nora Hunter, in the science fiction movie Eliminators.

13. Her recent film roles included the 2002 western horror film Legend of the Phantom Rider, E la 2005 Tobe Hooper horror film Mortuary.

14. In 1987, Crosby was cast in the role of Tasha Yar for the much publicized return of Star Trek to television in the syndicated series Star Trek: La prossima generazione.

15. She had been chosen to play Counsellor Deanna Troi before Gene Roddenberry switched the roles that she and Marina Sirtis had originally been given.

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