13 Wielkie Facts On Scott Bakula

1. Scott Stewart Bakula , i jako kapitan Jonathan Archer na Star Trek: Przedsiębiorstwo.

2. W 2014 he began playing Special Agent Dwayne Cassius “Król” Pride on NCIS: New Orleans.

3. Bakula was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the son of Sally and J. Stewart Bakula, prawnik. followed by the University of Kansas for a time, but left, mówiąc::

4. “…because I was offered a tour of Godspell, a national tour that was from St. Louis.

5. The tour was gonna start in August and the tour never started and school did, and then the tour fell apart, and there I was sitting at home.

6. So I was left holding the bag, gruntownie, and then had to decide where to go from there.

7. I was gonna go to a Mormon theatrical kind of school, and the more I looked at it the more I spent time examining the school side of it.

8. I just realized what I really needed to do was just pick up, pack up and go to New York.

9. And then I coincidentally had done a Disney Sunday Night ABC movie that was gonna come out some time in the winter.

10. The show I did turned out to be a big hit out here.

11. It got me a lot of attention out here and I jumped onto the TV sitcom Designing Women in the beginning and was able to do that pilotand things kind of took off.

12. He was cast in two short-lived series: Gung Ho and Eisenhower & Lutz.

13. Bakula played time traveler Dr. Sam Beckett, who was trapped by a malfunction of his time machine to correct things gone wrong in the past.

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