15 Anna Chlumsky Hakkında Açığa Sevimli Gerçekler

1. She began her career as a child actor, playing the lead role of Vada Sultenfuss in My Girl .

2. Arasında 1999 ve 2005, she took a hiatus from acting to attend college before returning to acting with roles in several independent films, including Blood Car .

3. Beri 2012, Chlumsky has portrayed Amy Brookheimer in the HBO series Veep, for which she has received four consecutive nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

4. Chlumsky entered show business at an early age, modeling with her mother in an advertising campaign, though her roles in My Girl brought her fame.

5. She also starred in Trading Mom alongside Sissy Spacek, as well as in Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain with Christina Ricci.

6. In the mid to late 1990s, she appeared or starred in several television films and series.

7. Chlumsky attended the University of Chicago, mezun olduktan 2002 with a BA in International Studies.

8. After graduation she worked as a fact-checker for the Zagat Survey and served as an editorial assistant for a HarperCollins science fiction-fantasy imprint.

9. She found this work unsatisfying and decided to return to acting.

10. Chlumsky appeared as Mary Calvin in a season 17 Kanunun bölüm & Sipariş, first airing on January 12, 2007; and as Lisa Klein in a season 20 Bölüm, first airing March 15, 2010.

11. Mart ayında 2007, she appeared in the 30 Rock episodeThe Fighting Irishas Liz Lemler, a romantic rival of protagonist Liz Lemon, who receives flowers meant for Lemler.

12. Chlumsky was in four episodes of the ABC dramedy Cupid in 2009.

13. dan Aykroyd, who played her father in the two My Girl films, has said that a script for a third film has been in development since 2003.

14. Haziran'da 9, 2017 AMC Networks announced that Chlumsky would appear in the fourth season ofHalt and Catch Fire.

15. Ekim ayında 2007, Chlumsky announced her engagement to Army Reserve member Shaun So;

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