16 Sen Nana Visitor Hakkında bilmiyordum Kesin Gerçekler

1. Ziyaretçi Benim bir ve tek olarak bu tür yapımları Broadway sahnesinde 1970'lerde oyunculuk kariyerine başladı.

2. She adopted the stage nameNana Visitorin the early 1980s.

3. İçinde 1985, Visitor made an appearance in the television series MacGyver, in the season one episodeHellfireas Laura Farren, and in the season two episodeDOA: MacGyveras Carol Varnay.

4. Visitor also made an appearance in the 1985 Sezon 4, Bölüm 3 Remington Steele episode titledSteele Blushing.

5. İçinde 1986, o çıktı “Hills of Fire”, a fourth-season episode of Knight Rider.

6. İçinde 1988, she made a guest appearance on the sitcom Night Court as a mental patient who is obsessed with the movies.

7. Aynı yıl, she made a guest appearance on the television series In the Heat of the Night as the owner of the Sparta newspaper.

8. She also made a guest appearance that year in an episode of Matlock.

9. İçinde 1990, Visitor co-starred with Sandra Bullock in the short-lived sitcom Working Girl, which was based on the feature film of the same name.

10. From 1993–1999, Visitor appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Major Kira Nerys, a former freedom fighter/terrorist from the planet Bajor, who worked to drive off the alien occupiers, the Cardassians, from her homeworld and then worked as 1st officer with the Starfleet contingent brought in by her government to administer the eponymous space station built by the Cardassians during the occupation.

11. After DS9 ended, Visitor had a recurring role as villain Dr. Elizabeth Renfro on the television series Dark Angel and starred as Roxie Hart in the touring and Broadway companies of the musical Chicago.

12. Visitor was then cast as Jean Ritter on the ABC Family series Wildfire, which premiered on June 20, 2005.

13. Visitor had a small role as Pamela Voorhees in the 2009 version of Friday the 13th.

14. İçinde 2011, she had a small part in the Hammer Horror film The Resident playing the realtor.

15. Visitor began dating her Star Trek: Deep Space Nine co-star Alexander Siddig, and married him in June 1997.

16. The asteroid 26733 Nanavisitor, discovered in 2001, was named in her honor by its discoverer, William Kwong Yu Yeung.

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