11 可笑的事实森·菲利普斯

1. 他是最适合他的电视角色尼利斯在星际迷航知: Voyager and PR man Pete Downey on Benson.

2. He plays the tenor saxophone in the Alan Wasserman Jazz Band.

3. Legendary writer, Tennessee Williams who helped shape the latter production, wrote a new monologue for Phillips, which Williams personally dictated to him when it was realized that leading lady Jill Eikenberry needed more time for a dress change.

4. Phillips has been an actor at the Sundance Playwrights Conference in Utah for six summers, where he developed his play Penguin Blues, which is published by Samuel French Inc. and is included in The Best Short Plays of 1989 (掌声, ed.

5. Based on his experiences at Sundance, Phillips helped found First Stage, a playwright development lab in Los Angeles now in its Thirty-Fifth year.

6. Other features include For Richer or Poorer, 杰弗里 ·, The Shadow, Wagons East!, 无脸的男人, Green Card, Lean On Me , Critters, Bloodhounds of Broadway, The Island, Bad Santa, and The Babysitters.

7. In 1980, Phillips joined the cast of the hit sitcom Benson , playing Pete Downey, PR man to Governor Gatling.

8. He has made scores of guest appearances on television series and tele films, including Pushing Daisies, 骨头 , Eli Stone, Criminal Minds, NUMB3RS, 拉斯维加斯, 洛杉矶. 法律, 我, 法律 & 订单, Arrested Development, 波士顿法律, Castle, Rizzoli & 小岛, The Good Guys and The Mentalist.

9. He played the recurring role of Keith in the final two seasons of Lena Dunham Girls

10. In 1990 he began his prolific Star Trek career playing the Ferengi character, 博士. Farek, 在 “Ménage à Troiepisode of Star Trek: 下一代.

11. He went on to play Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager in 1995, and stayed with the series through its entire seven-season run.

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