12 喜欢的事实关于罗克珊·道森

1. 道森出生于洛杉矶, 加利福尼亚州, 父母理查德和罗莎莉卡瓦列罗.

2. 虽然工作的旅行者, Dawson made her directorial debut on the episodeRiddles”, which aired in September 1999.

3. She later directed the second part of the two-part episodeWorkforceand directed 10 episodes of Star Trek: 企业.

4. In 2002 she provided the voice of the Repair Station Computer inDead Stop”, one of the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes she directed.

5. She has directed episodes of Charmed, The O.C., 快到家了 , The Mentalist and Treme.

6. In 2010, she directedTeacher and Pupils”, a second-season episode of Lie to Me andOn Tap”, a second-season episode of The Good Wife.

7. In 2013, she directedReunions”, the March 22 episode of Touch, and “Eye-Spy”, the October 15 episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

8. In 2014 she directedDreamcatcher”, the March 5 episode of Revolution and “恐怖症”, the October 22 episode of Stalker.

9. In 2016, she also directed the episodesBroussard” and “Zero Dayfor season 1 of the TV series Colony.

10. Dawson has served as a producer on Scandal, Crossing Jordan and Cold Case.

11. After her divorce in 1987 from actor Casey Biggs, who himself later became a fellow Star Trek cast member , Roxann married casting director Eric Dawson in May 1994.

12. They had first met in 1989 when she was in the cast of the NBC television drama Nightingales.

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