15 透露了亚历山大·希迪格奇妙的事实

1. Siddig埃尔·塔希尔埃尔法迪勒厄尔尼诺Siddig Abderrahman穆罕默德·艾哈迈德·阿卜杜勒·卡里姆·迈赫迪是英语,苏丹演员.

2. He is known by the stage names Siddig El Fadil through the mid-1990s and Alexander Siddig since.

3. Siddig was born in Sudan but has spent most of his life in England.

4. He was born to an English mother who worked as a theatrical consultant and a Sudanese father.

5. He was credited under the shortened name Siddig El Fadil until October 1995, three seasons into his run on Star Trek: 深空九号, when he changed his stage name to Alexander Siddig . On set, he became known as Sid.

6. Siddig attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to study acting and, after leaving LAMDA, did a season of stage work in Manchester.

7. He also worked as a director in a small theatre in London.

8. Siddig first appeared to television audiences as Prince Feisal in A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia, 的 1990 TV sequel to Lawrence of Arabia.

9. Although he originally auditioned for the role of Commander Benjamin Sisko, Berman decided Siddig was too young for the role and cast him as Dr. Julian Bashir instead.

10. The part had to be slightly rewritten for Siddig as the originalbiblehad called for a Hispanic male named Julian Amoros to play the part, although Berman reports that no other actors were considered for the role.

11. Since the end of the seven seasons of Star Trek: 深空九号, Siddig has made prominent appearances in films and television.

12. Highlights include appearing as an Algerian secret agent on the trail of Islamists in the controversial episodeNest of Angelsof the British television show Spooks in 2003.

13. He gave a critically lauded performance as Prince Nasir in Syriana, alongside George Clooney and Matt Damon.

14. Early 2007, Siddig joined the cast of Un Homme Perdu and he returned to American television in the role of former terrorist Hamri Al-Assad for the sixth season of 24.

15. 在 8 月 2010, he expressed his doubts about resurrecting his character, 博士. Julian Bashir, from Deep Space Nine, stating that he hasother ambitions”.

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