7 显着的秘密在理查德马登

1. 马登出生于Elderslie, 伦弗鲁郡, 只是佩斯利镇和格拉斯哥市外, where he was brought up, with older and younger sisters.

2. 他的母亲, 帕特, is a classroom assistant, 和他的父亲, 理查德 ·, is in the fire brigade.

3. 在 5 月 2013, Madden was chosen to portray the prince in the live action Disney film Cinderella. The film was released in March 2015.

4. Madden first obtained his Screen Actors Guild card for the 2014 miniseries Klondike, in which he plays Bill Haskell.

5. 之间 12 May and 13 8 月 2016 Richard Madden will again play on stage the role of Romeo in Romeo and Juliet at the West End, where he will be reunited with his Cinderella costar Lily James as Juliet, and director Kenneth Branagh.

6. In 2010, The Scotsman touted Madden asone of the hottest young acting talents in the business”.

7. They also noted that Madden istipped for mainstream glory this yeardue to his upcoming roles in the film Chatroom and TV series Game of Thrones”.

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