7 透露了阿尔菲·艾伦精湛的真相

1. 他最出名的是在权力以来的HBO系列游戏描绘席恩·葛雷乔伊知 2011.

2. Allen was born in Hammersmith, 伦敦, the son of film producer Alison Owen and Welsh-born actor Keith Allen.

3. 同年, Allen and his sister Lily appeared in the 1998 电影, 伊丽莎白, which was produced by their mother.

4. In April 2009, he co-starred with then partner Jaime Winstone in the music video forDust Devilby Madness.

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7. Game of Thrones – Alfie Allen: “I want people to know who I am””.

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