8 最佳的真相你不知道卓别林乌娜

1. 当卓别林十五岁, 她开始在高登斯顿学校在苏格兰戏剧留学奖学金.

2. 由于从RADA毕业, Chaplin has acted in mainly British and Spanish short and feature films.

3. She has played alongside her mother in three feature films: Inconceivable, ¿Para qué sirve un oso? and Imago Mortis.

4. Chaplin has also had several supporting roles in British and American television.

5. She plays Kitty Trevelyan, a lead character, in the BBC drama The Crimson Field .

6. Chaplin stars as Zilpha Geary in the eight-part historical fiction series Taboo on BBC One and FX.

7. Students step back in time to celebrate 75 years: Pupils and staff make it a special 1930s anniversary for Gordonstoun school”.

8. Parents: Just like mum: Choosing the same career as a parent is very common – but not necessarily a good idea”.

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