10 Amazing Secrets On Faran Tahir

1. Faran Haroon Tahir better known as Faran Tahir is a Pakistani-American actor who appears in American television series and films.

2. Faran Haroon Tahir was born on 16 February 1964 in Los Angeles to Naeem Tahir and Yasmeen Tahir.

3. He grew up in Pakistan and returned to the United States 1980.

4. He also played the male lead in the 1999 independent film ABCD.

5. In 2008, Tahir played the role of the villain Raza in the Marvel Comics-based Iron Man.

6. He played Starfleet Captain Richard Robau in the 2009 film Star Trek.

7. Tahir has guest starred on many television series, including Alias, The Practice, Family Law, The Agency, NYPD Blue, Lost, 7th Heaven, The West Wing, Walker, Texas Ranger, The D.A., 24, Monk, Justice, Cold Case, Chuck and Warehouse 13.

8. He also co-starred with Robert Beltran and Chase Masterson in the 2005 Sci-Fi Channel original movie Manticore.

9. He appeared in JAG in the episodes “Ice Queen” and “Meltdown” which served as the two pilot episodes for the series NCIS.

10. Seven years later, Tahir appeared in the spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles.

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