10 Actual Secrets On Paul F. Tompkins

1. Paul Francis Tompkins , best known as Paul F. Tompkins, is an American comedian, actor and writer.

2. He is known for his work in television on such programs as Mr. Show with Bob and David, Real Time with Bill Maher and Best Week Ever,

3. He is well known for his numerous appearances on podcasts, including his 100+ appearances on Comedy Bang!

4. He is also the host of the Fusion Channel talk show No, You Shut Up!, The Dead Authors Podcast, the online Made Man interview series Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins, the Earwolf podcast SPONTANEANATION with Paul F. Tompkins, and The Pod F. Tompkast, which was ranked #1 by Rolling Stone on their list of “The 10 Best Comedy Podcasts of the Moment” in 2011.

5. As of July 2014, he is also a main cast member of the Superego podcast, a regular player on Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast, and the voice for Mr. Peanutbutter, an anthropomorphic yellow lab, on the Netflix animated series BoJack Horseman.

6. In 1986 Tompkins first performed comedy at 17 years of age at The Comedy Works in Philadelphia where he performed as half of a sketch comedy duo with the late Rick Roman.

7. Tompkins is known for his style of dress during his live comedic performances, always performing in suit and tie,

8. Tompkins wrote and performed in his one-man show, Driven to Drink which aired on HBO in 1998. as well as two episodes of Conan in 2011 and 2012.

9. Longtime friend Adam McKay consulted Tompkins regarding the screenplay for Talladega Nights.

10. Tompkins has expressed in interviews that he dislikes writing , preferring instead to perform in front of a camera.

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