8 Favorite Facts You Did Not Know About Chris Rush

1. He is best known for his stand-up routines and albums, along with having been a writer and editor on the satirical publication National Lampoon magazine.

2. Chris Rush wrote for National Lampoon Magazine in the early 1970s.

3. Rush opened for musicians and bands including B.B. King, Meat Loaf, Talking Heads and Electric Light Orchestra while becoming a frequent performer at comedy clubs, theaters and colleges throughout the United States and Canada.

4. He performed at such venues as The Bottom Line, He released his second album Beaming In in 1981.

5. His performances landed him on national television with appearances on Comedy Tonight, Night Flight and Apt. 2C, a pilot for HBO starring his mentor and friend George Carlin

6. It starred Patton Oswalt and Blaine Capatch as two bumbling store clerks and Chris as the manager. He released an additional comedy album in 1997.

7. In April, 2009 Chris launched a one-man show titled, Bliss: An Evening of Laughter with Chris Rush, which was financed by George Carlin before he died in June, 2008.

8. In addition to being a co-host on PYX 106, Rush has been an often guest on The Joey Reynolds Show,

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