10 Popular Secrets About Steven Soderbergh

1. Steven Andrew Soderbergh is an American film producer, director, screenwriter, cinematographer and editor.

2. He is best known for directing critically acclaimed commercial Hollywood films like the crime comedy Out of Sight .

3. He has also directed smaller, less conventional works, such as the mystery thriller Kafka .

4. Although Soderbergh considers himself retired from feature filmmaking, he has since gone on to direct drama television show The Knick, produces film and television, and has provided cinematography and editing to various projects.

5. In Baton Rouge, he discovered filmmaking as a teenager, directing short Super 8 mm films with equipment borrowed from LSU students.

6. Rather than attend LSU, Soderbergh tried his luck in Hollywood after graduating from high school; he worked as a game show scorer and cue card holder to make ends meet, and eventually found work as a freelance film editor.

7. Making good on his Schizopolis-inspired “artistic wake-up call”, his commercial slump ended in 1998 with Out of Sight, a stylized adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel, written by Scott Frank and starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. The film was widely praised, though only a moderate box-office success.

8. Soderbergh followed up on the success of Out of Sight by making another crime caper, The Limey , from an original screenplay by Lem Dobbs and starring veteran actors Terence Stamp and Peter Fonda.

9. The film was well-received, but not as much as Erin Brockovich , written by Susannah Grant and starring Julia Roberts in her Oscar-winning role as a single mother taking on industry in a civil action. Later that year, Soderbergh released Traffic, a social drama written by Stephen Gaghan and featuring an ensemble cast.

10. Traffic became his most acclaimed movie since Sex, Lies, and Videotape, and earned him an Academy Award for Best Director.

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