12 Amazing Facts About Shane Mauss

1. Shane Mauss is an American comedian from La Crosse, Wisconsin. He is the host of the Here We Are Podcast where he interviews scientists and academics from across the country.

2. He used the experience as inspiration for his 2015 comedy album My Big Break which reached #2 on the iTunes comedy album charts.

3. According to Shane, he has wanted to be a standup comedian since he was ten years old.

4. Shane intended on going to New York City or Los Angeles to start his career but instead decided to move to Boston with a friend.

5. For several months, Shane performed at open mic nights in Boston while struggling with anxiety.

6. By practicing and with the help of friends, Shane overcame his anxiety and began performing in comedy clubs approximately six months after starting his career as a standup comedian.

7. Shortly after he started playing in clubs, Shane entered into the Greater Boston Alternative Comedy Festival and made it to the final round of elimination.

8. He partially credits the attention he received from this achievement for launching his career and has performed at the festival several times since.

9. In 2010, Shane published his first comedy album, Jokes To Make My Parents Proud.

10. Shane has filmed a new one-hour special, which is in postproduction.

11. “Wisconsin comedian Shane Mauss releases album, stars in Comedy Central special”.

12. “Wisconsin comedian Shane Mauss comes to Skyline riding a wave of success”.

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