12 Delightful Truths On Mary Tamm

1. Tamm began acting on the stage with the Birmingham Repertory Company in 1971. She moved to London in 1972 and appeared in the musical Mother Earth.

2. Her first TV role for the BBC was as Sally in The Donati Conspiracy shown in 1973. Before her association with Doctor Who, Tamm acted in a few films, including Tales That Witness Madness .

3. Tamm was not initially interested in playing a companion to the Doctor, believing that the role was merely that of the “damsel in distress”.

4. After leaving the series, Tamm took leading roles in two BBC 1 dramas, The Treachery Game alongside Malcolm Stoddard.

5. Subsequently, Tamm played the characters of Penny Crosbie in the soap opera Brookside from 1993 to 1996, Tamm returned as Pandora in the second series of the Gallifrey audio plays produced by Big Finish Productions.

6. She also appeared in a special feature in the 2007 DVD boxed set release of The Key to Time, discussing her experiences on the programme.

7. In August 2009, Tamm made a brief one-week appearance as Orlenda in EastEnders.

8. Reprising the role of Romana, Tamm recorded seven new Doctor Who audio adventures for Big Finish Productions with Tom Baker shortly before her death

9. Mary Tamm was married to Marcus Ringrose, an insurance executive, from 1978 until her death from cancer.

10. Her autobiography, titled First Generation, was published in September 2009 by Fantom Films.

11. Before her death, she had been working on a second part of her autobiography, Second Generation, which was published in 2014.

12. “Widower of Doctor Who star who died of cancer suffers fatal heart attack hours after giving the eulogy at her funeral”.

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