11 Remarkable Truths You Did Not Know About Peter Purves

1. After his eleven years on the programme he has continued to make regular appearances since then.

2. In particular, Purves has been associated with television coverage of the Crufts dog show.

3. Purves is also an actor, and played the character of Steven Taylor in Doctor Who when the Doctor was played by William Hartnell, a role he continues to portray in audio dramas for Big Finish Productions.

4. Purves was born in New Longton, near Preston, Lancashire, his father was a tailor who also ran a hotel in Blackpool for a short period.

5. He was educated at the independent Arnold School in Blackpool and in the sixth form at Barrow-in-Furness Grammar School for Boys for a year, where he took A-levels and gained a pass in mathematics.

6. Purves first appeared on the show in the role of Morton Dill in “The Chase” after being cast by Director Richard Martin.

7. Purves was also a good friend of the actor Jon Pertwee, who played the Third Doctor.

8. Purves has said that he preferred the historical stories on the show.

9. In 2007, Purves returned to the role of Steven Taylor in the audio drama Mother Russia and has portrayed him in several additional audio dramas in the years since.

10. After Noakes, Purves is the second longest serving male Blue Peter presenter.

11. Purves maintained his connection to Doctor Who throughout his time on Blue Peter, often hosting special features on the programme and interviewing the actors.

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