11 Cheerful Truths About John Levene

1. His best-known role was that of Corporal, and later Sergeant, John Benton, of the UNIT in the science-fiction television series Doctor Who.

2. Although he failed to secure a part in the film, since he was not a union member, he became interested in acting.

3. Upon joining Equity, he adopted the professional name John Levene to avoid confusion with another John Woods who was already registered with the union.

4. He made an uncredited appearance as a Cyberman in the 1967 Doctor Who serial “The Moonbase” and as a Yeti in “The Web of Fear,” before making his first appearance as then-Corporal Benton of UNIT in “The Invasion” .

5. Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT were featured heavily in early 1970s Doctor Who, and the promoted Sergeant Benton also became a regular.

6. In 1977, following his final appearance on Doctor Who, Levene gave up acting as a career to set up his own audio-visual company, Genesis Communications.

7. He has since directed more than 45 audio-visuals and live events for various clients including the Ford Motor Company, British Airways, KFC, Amway and Revlon.

8. Levene has worked as an entertainer on cruise liners and has also lived in the United States,

9. He has also appeared in an episode of Big Bad Beetleborgs and industrial videos, and has performed voice-over work for Disney and The Queen Mary Hotel, among other companies.

10. His music album The Ballads of Sergeant Benton was released in September 2012.

11. The same year, he returned to the UK to promote himself and his album at a number of Doctor Who events.

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