13 Amazing Truths You Did Not Know About Cristela Alonzo

1. Alonzo would translate American shows into Spanish and act them out for her mother. Alonzo and her mother were inseparable.

2. At age 18, Alonzo left home to attend Webster University to study theater in St. Louis.

3. However, Alonzo dropped out because she could no longer afford school.

4. In 2003, a year after her mother died, and started doing stand-up.

5. Alonzo said that she started doing stand-up as a way to process her grief and talk about her mom and her family.

6. Alonzo spent two years traveling on a bus with the Honduran-born American comedian Carlos Mencia and several other comics. Alonzo ended up leaving the tour.

7. Alonzo then spent a lot of time on the road doing college comedy shows, where she found a lot of success.

8. In January 2014, Alonzo was named as one of “10 L.A. Comedy Acts to Watch in 2014” by L.A. Weekly.

9. In 2013, with TV producer Becky Clements, Alonzo created her own semi-autobiographical comedy pilot Cristela for ABC. She wrote the pilot with her writing partner, Kevin Hench.

10. It was not greenlit as a part of the 2013–2014 television season.

11. In an unusual move, they decided to plan to shoot a pilot presentation with the penalty money .

12. On May 10, 2014, ABC picked up the pilot to series for the 2014–15 television season.

13. Alonzo has a trademark, raucous laugh: “If I’m laughing, you know I’m either very happy or very sad,” she said.

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