13 Honest Secrets Of John Ford

1. One of the films for which he won the award, How Green Was My Valley, also won Best Picture.

2. Ford made frequent use of location shooting and long shots, in which his characters were framed against a vast, harsh and rugged natural terrain.

3. John Augustine and Barbara Curran arrived in Boston and Portland respectively in May and June 1872.

4. Feeney attended Portland High School, Portland, Maine, where he was a successful fullback and defensive tackle.

5. He earned the nickname “Bull” because of the way he would lower his helmet and charge the line.

6. He later moved to California and in 1914 began working in film production as well as acting for his older brother Francis, adopting “Jack Ford” as a professional name.

7. He married Mary McBride Smith on July 3, 1920, and they had two children.

8. His daughter Barbara was married to singer and actor Ken Curtis from 1952 to 1964.

9. The marriage between Ford and Smith lasted for life despite various issues, one of which could have proved problematic from the start, this being that John Ford was Catholic

10. John Ford began his career in film after moving to California in July 1914.

11. He followed in the footsteps of his multi-talented older brother Francis Ford, twelve years his senior, who had left home years earlier and had worked in vaudeville before becoming a movie actor.

12. Francis played in hundreds of silent pictures for filmmakers such as Thomas Edison, Georges Méliès and Thomas Ince, eventually progressing to become a prominent Hollywood actor-writer-director with his own production company at Universal.

13. Many of his supporting actors appeared in multiple Ford films, often over a period of several decades, including Ben Johnson, Chill Wills, Andy Devine, Ward Bond, Grant Withers, Mae Marsh, Anna Lee, Harry Carey, Jr., Ken Curtis, Frank Baker, Dolores del Río, Pedro Armendáriz, Hank Worden, John Qualen, Barry Fitzgerald, Arthur Shields, John Carradine, O.Z. Whitehead and Carleton Young.

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