13 Juicy Secrets You Did Not Know About Clark Gable

1. Clark Gable was an American film actor, often referred to as “The King of Hollywood” or just simply as “The King”. Gable began his career as a stage actor and appeared as an extra in silent films between 1924 and 1926, and progressed to supporting roles with a few films for MGM in 1931.

2. The next year he landed his first leading Hollywood role and became a leading man in more than 60 motion pictures over the next three decades.

3. Gable won an Academy Award for Best Actor for It Happened One Night .

4. Gable appeared opposite some of the most popular actresses of the time: Joan Crawford, who was his favorite actress to work with, was partnered with Gable in eight films; Myrna Loy worked with him seven times, and he was paired with Jean Harlow in six productions.

5. He also starred with Lana Turner in four features, and with Norma Shearer and Ava Gardner in three each.

6. He was named the seventh greatest male star of classic American Cinema by the American Film Institute.

7. William Clark Gable was born in Cadiz, Ohio, to William Henry “Will” Gable .

8. He was named William after his father, but even in childhood he was almost always called Clark. He was mistakenly listed as a female on his birth certificate.

9. She died when he was ten months old, possibly from a brain tumor.

10. After his father purchased some land and built a house, the new family settled in.

11. Jennie played the piano and gave her stepson lessons at home; later he took up brass instruments.

12. She raised Gable to be well-dressed and well-groomed; he stood out from the other kids.

13. Even though his father insisted on Gable doing “manly” things, like hunting and hard physical work, Gable loved language.

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