14 Naughty Secrets On Diego Luna

1. Diego Luna-Alexander is a Mexican actor known for his childhood telenovela work, a starring role in the film Y tu mamá también and supporting roles in American films, including Rudo y Cursi, The Terminal, Elysium and Milk.

2. He also starred with Romola Garai in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights and provides the Spanish language narration for the National Geographic Channel documentary Great Migrations.

3. He is currently set to portray the male lead in the upcoming Rogue One, portraying the role of Captain Cassian Andor.

4. Luna was born in Mexico City, the son of Fiona Alexander, a British costume designer who is one of the most acclaimed living theatre, cinema and opera set designers in Mexico.

5. His mother died in a car accident when he was two-years-old. His father also reinforced the importance of theatre and the arts in his life.

6. When Luna was a child his father would bring him to the sets and mentor him in different aspects of art, furthering in him a desire to become an actor and uphold the family tradition.

7. He and Gael García Bernal co-founded Ambulante A.C., their organization and film festival that works to bring documentary films to places where they are rarely shown.

8. Ambulante was awarded the Washington Office on Latin America prestigious Human Rights Award in 2011.

9. From an early age, Luna began acting in television, film and stage, his film debut was Antonieta .

10. His next role was in the telenovela El Abuelo y Yo with his childhood best friend, Gael García Bernal.

11. Luna also starred in the critical acclaimed film Y tu mamá también , once again alongside Bernal.

12. He currently made a name for himself in the United States market, having starred alongside Jon Bon Jovi in Vampires: Los Muertos .

13. He also starred in Open Range, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, The Terminal and Criminal.

14. In 2008, he starred in the Harvey Milk biopic Milk as his emotionally unstable lover, Jack Lira.

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