14 Popular Facts Revealed About Sublime

1. Sublime released three studio albums, one live album, five compilation albums , three EPs and one box set.

2. Although their first two albums—40oz. to Freedom in their musical career.

3. As of 2009, the band has sold over 17 million albums worldwide, including about 10 million in the U.S. alone.

4. In 2009, the surviving members decided to reform the band with Rome Ramirez, a young guitarist and admitted Sublime fan from California. This was because Nowell had owned rights to the Sublime name, and as a result, they were not allowed to use it without approval and permission from his estate.

5. In January 2010, the lawsuit was settled and the new lineup now performs together as Sublime with Rome, who released their debut album Yours Truly on July 12, 2011.

6. Five months after its release, Gaugh announced his departure from the band.

7. Gaugh and Wilson together with future Sublime manager, Michael Happoldt, formed a three-piece punk band called The Juice Bros during their high school years.

8. About this time, Bradley Nowell, who had recently dropped out of University of California, Santa Cruz, joined the band.

9. Nowell helped introduce Gaugh and Wilson to reggae and ska, who at the time listened exclusively to punk rock.

10. Sublime played its first gig on the Fourth of July, 1988 in a small club.

11. In response, the band created their own music label, Skunk Records, and told venues that they were “Skunk Records recording artists”, which helped the band seem more accomplished and subsequently book more shows. For the next several years, the group focused primarily on playing at parties and small clubs with local ska bands Smokestacks, No Doubt and Skeletones to name a few throughout Southern California.

12. The trio recorded a few songs and put forth a number of short demos.

13. In February 1990, Nowell adopted an abused dalmatian puppy from a shelter and named him “Louie” after his grandfather. Louie Nowell, King Louie, or “Lou Dog” as he was called, became something of a mascot for the band.

14. This Club was owned and operated by David Rice, James Walker, Jason Burch and Jeff King.

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