14 Zany Truths You Did Not Know About Jessica Gomes

1. Jessica Gomes (born 25 September 1984) is an Australian model who has appeared in the Swimsuit Issue of the American Publication Sports Illustrated since 2008.

2. She has strong followings in Korea and in the East Coast hip hop community.

3. Gomes is the featured spokesperson for Australian corporations David Jones Limited.

4. She has also been a spokesperson for Korean conglomerates LG Electronics and Hyundai.

5. Gomes served as the face of the Estee Lauder/Sean John fragrance “Unforgivable”.

6. She has been revealed as the voice of Rick Ross’ label Maybach Music Group.

7. Gomes has enjoyed much success through South Korean advertising campaigns. In 2007 she appeared in advertisements for Hyundai Sonata.

8. The following year, she appeared in an advertisement for LG Cyon Bikini Phone, in which she promoted the split screen cellphone wearing a two-piece bikini, under the tagline “Touch the Wonder.”

9. This ad campaign is credited as having pushed Gomes to stardom in South Korea.

10. Gomes was listed at number 34, 8 and 94 in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 AskMen international poll of “world’s most desirable women”.

11. Before Gomes began modeling in Midland, she appeared as an extra at age 10 on the Australian miniseries Bush Patrol which lead to a modeling. and in 2009, her reality TV-show My Name Is Jessica Gomes was launched on the English language Korean television network On Style owned by On-Media.

12. In the shows second season it chronicled her time in New York.

13. Gomes was born in Perth, Australia, and has an older brother.

14. In 2005, Gomes moved to New York City and was a roommate of Gemma Ward. Gomes’ mother was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Singapore and her father is from Portugal before spending time in Paris.

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