15 Fantastic Truths On Sidney Lumet

1. Sidney Arthur Lumet was an American director, producer and screenwriter with over 50 films to his credit.

2. He was nominated for the Academy Award as Best Director for 12 Angry Men .

3. He did not win an individual Academy Award, but he did receive an Academy Honorary Award and 14 of his films were nominated for various Oscars, such as Network, which was nominated for ten, winning four.

4. His first movie was typical of his best work: a well-acted, tightly written, deeply considered “problem picture,” 12 Angry Men .

5. From that point on Lumet divided his energies among other idealistic problem pictures along with literate adaptations of plays and novels, big stylish pictures, New York-based black comedies, and realistic crime dramas, including Serpico and Prince of the City.

6. As a result of directing 12 Angry Men, he was also responsible for leading the first wave of directors who made a successful transition from TV to movies.

7. In 2005, Lumet received an Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement for his “brilliant services to screenwriters, performers, and the art of the motion picture.”

8. In 1935, aged 11, he appeared in a Henry Lynn short film, Papirossen , co-produced by radio star Herman Yablokoff.

9. The film was shown in a theatrical play with the same title, based on a hit song, “Papirosn”.

10. The play and short film appeared in the Bronx McKinley Square Theatre.

11. In 1939, World War II interrupted his early acting career, and he spent three years with the U.S. Army.

12. After returning from World War II service as a radar repairman stationed in India and Burma, he became involved with the Actors Studio, and then formed his own theater workshop.

13. He organized an Off-Broadway group and became its director, and continued directing in summer stock theatre, while teaching acting at the High School of Performing Arts. He was the senior drama coach at the new 46th St. .

14. Lumet was married four times; the first three marriages ended in divorce.

15. He was married to actress Rita Gam from 1949–55; to socialite Gloria Vanderbilt from 1956–63; to Gail Jones from 1963–78, and to Mary Gimbel from 1980 until his death.

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