15 Powerful Truths You Did Not Know About Ernest Borgnine

1. Ermes Effron Borgnino, known as Ernest Borgnine was an American film and television actor whose career spanned more than six decades.

2. He was an unconventional lead in many films of the 1950s, winning the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1955 for Marty.

3. Borgnine earned an Emmy Award nomination at age 92 for his work on the series ER.

4. He was also known for being the original voice of Mermaid Man on SpongeBob SquarePants from 1999 to 2012.

5. By 1923, his parents had reconciled, the family name was changed from Borgnino to Borgnine, and his father changed his first name to Charles.

6. Ernest had a sister, Evelyn Borgnine Velardi . The family settled in New Haven, Connecticut, where he graduated from James Hillhouse High School.

7. Borgnine took to sports while growing up, but showed no interest in acting.

8. Borgnine joined the United States Navy in October 1935, after graduation from high school. In January 1942, he reenlisted in the Navy after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

9. During World War II, he patrolled the Atlantic Coast on an antisubmarine warfare ship, the USS Sylph . In September 1945, he was honorably discharged from the Navy.

10. In 1997, Borgnine received the United States Navy Memorial, Lone Sailor Award.

11. In October 2004, Borgnine received the honorary title of chief petty officer from Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Terry D. Scott.

12. In a British Film Institute interview about his life and career, he said:

13. He took a local factory job, but was unwilling to settle down to that kind of work.

14. His mother encouraged him to pursue a more glamorous profession and suggested to him that his personality would be well suited for the stage.

15. He surprised his mother by taking the suggestion to heart, although his father was far from enthusiastic.

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