16 Best Secrets On Jackie Mason

1. Jackie Mason is an American stand-up comedian and film and television actor.

2. Born Yacov Moshe Maza in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, he grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City.

3. Mason graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the City College of New York.

4. At age 25, he received semikhah from Rabbi Moshe Feinstein and was ordained a rabbi , in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

5. Mason was a comedian at the Fieldston Hotel in Swan Lake, New York in the summer of 1955.

6. He was let go because his act was considered too far ahead of its time.

7. The patrons had never been exposed to a comic who seemed to be ridiculing them.

8. A few years later, Don Rickles came along, but by then audiences had become open to this type of humor throughout the borscht belt.

9. Mason made several appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show during the 1960s, claiming to have been on the first episode to feature the American television debut of The Beatles, although research does not bear this fact out. Mason revealed during his appearance on the BBC show Desert Island Discs that at the time he did not think much of the group, referring to them as “four kids in search of a voice who needed haircuts”.

10. In 1969, Mason made his Broadway theater debut in the comedy play A Teaspoon Every Four Hours, which he wrote with Mike Mortman.

11. It held the Broadway record of 97 previews and closed after its official opening performance .

12. In 1986, Mason made a triumphant return to Broadway in The World According to Me, his first of several one-man theatrical shows, and was well received both by critics and the public.

13. Mason was able to use this show title, and it is one of his most successful road productions.

14. Between these shows, Mason played the lead in a short-lived television sitcom called Chicken Soup alongside Lynn Redgrave.

15. In 1992, Mason won an Emmy Award for his voice-over of Rabbi Hyman Krustofski in The Simpsons episode “Like Father, Like Clown”, making him the first guest star to win an Emmy for his role.

16. His full-length motion picture One Angry Man was released in 2010 throughout the US and Canada.

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