16 Cheerful Truths Of Harris Wittels

1. He is best known for having been a writer for The Sarah Silverman Program, a writer and executive producer for Parks and Recreation, and a recurring guest on Comedy Bang!

2. Wittels was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the son of Dr. Ellison Wittels and Maureen Wittels, and raised in Houston, Texas.

3. Wittels attended High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston.

4. In 2006, he graduated from Emerson College, where he was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, with a degree in television and video production.

5. After performing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles, Wittels met Sarah Silverman and became a writer on The Sarah Silverman Program in 2007.

6. His writing credits included the episodes “Media Blitz”, “94 Meetings” and “Dave Returns”.

7. He also appeared on the show as Harris, a dim-witted animal control employee.

8. Wittels also wrote for the programs Secret Girlfriend and Eastbound and Down.

9. Also on the Earwolf network, Wittels hosted the Analyze Phish podcast, where he attempted to convince friends to enjoy the band Phish.

10. In 2010, Wittels coined the phrase “humblebrag” on Twitter. The popularity of the feed led to a book, Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty, published in 2012.

11. Humblebrag was designated the “most useful” word of 2011 by the American Dialect Society.

12. In August 2013, NBC picked up an untitled Wittels sitcom, about a slacker still living with his parents while dealing with his whiz kid younger brother, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur in high school.

13. In a November 19, 2014 interview on the podcast You Made It Weird, Wittels openly discussed his personal life and history of drug addiction with host Pete Holmes.

14. He said his drug usage got “out of hand” because of a breakup with a woman he felt was “perfect” for him in every way, except that she and her family were Scientologists, which he described as a “deal-breaker.”

15. He said he began to rely on oxycodone to deal with his stress over the relationship, his work on various television pilots and writing the Humblebrag book.

16. I wrote that entire book on so much drugs,” Wittels said.

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