17 Favorite Secrets Revealed About Rammstein

1. Rammstein (German pronunciation: ) is a German Neue Deutsche Hrte band, formed in 1994 in Berlin.

2. Throughout its existence, Rammstein’s six-man lineup has been unchanged singer Till Lindemann, guitarists Richard Z. Kruspe and Paul H. Landers, bassist Oliver “Ollie” Riedel, drummer Christoph “Doom” Schneider and keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz.

3. The majority of their songs are in German, but they have also performed songs entirely or partially in other languages including English, Spanish, French, and Russian. Rammstein’s entire catalogue is published by Universal Music Group.

4. In 1989 East German guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe escaped to West Berlin and started the band Orgasm Death Gimmicks.

5. At that time, he was heavily influenced by American music, especially that of rock group Kiss.

6. After the Berlin Wall came down, he moved back home to Schwerin, where Till Lindemann worked as a basket-weaver and played drums in the band First Arsch (loosely translated as “First Ass” or “First Arse”).

7. At this time, Kruspe lived with Oliver Riedel of the Inchtabokatables and Christoph “Doom” Schneider of Die Firma.

8. Kruspe had come to realize that the music he had previously created did not really suit him.

9. He envisioned something that would combine machines as well as the sound of hard guitars.

10. Kruspe, Riedel and Schneider started working together on a new project in 1994.

11. Finding it difficult to write both music and lyrics, Kruspe persuaded Lindemann, whom he had overheard singing while he was working, to join the fledgling group.

12. The band called themselves Rammstein-Flugschau (Rammstein Airshow) after the 1988 Ramstein air show disaster.

13. Guitarist Paul H. Landers said the spelling of Ramstein with the extra “m” was a mistake. The extra “m” in the band’s name makes it translate literally as “ramming stone.”

14. A contest was held in Berlin for amateur bands in 1994, the winner of which would receive the opportunity to record a four-track demo CD in a professional studio.

15. Kruspe, Schneider, Riedel, and Lindemann entered and won the contest, which sparked Landers’ attention, who wanted in on the project upon hearing their demo.

16. To complete their sound, Rammstein attempted to recruit Christian “Flake” Lorenz, who had played with Landers in Feeling B. Though initially hesitant, Lorenz eventually agreed to join the band.

17. Rammstein began to record their first studio album, Herzeleid, in March 1995 with producer Jacob Hellner. They released their first single “Du riechst so gut” that August and released the album in September.

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