18 Powerful Facts Of Frazer Hines

1. Frazer Hines is an English actor best known for his roles as Jamie McCrimmon in Doctor Who and Joe Sugden in Emmerdale.

2. Hines appeared in 117 episodes of the original series of Doctor Who; only the first four actors to play the Doctor appeared in more. Hines was born in Horsforth in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

3. By the age of 10, he had appeared in numerous feature films as minor characters.

4. From 1957 and throughout the 1960s, he performed a steady stream of roles in various television series, such as Jan in The Silver Sword .

5. He appeared in a 1964 serial Smugglers Bay with Patrick Troughton. With a well-established career in television, Hines appeared in feature films less frequently.

6. Hines maintained his role from 1966 to 1969; he reprised it in the 20th anniversary serial The Five Doctors .

7. The only actors appearing in more episodes are those who played the first four Doctors.

8. Many of the Doctor Who missing episodes were productions in which Hines had performed.

9. Esteemed songwriters Barry Mason and Les Reed composed the music and lyrics, but the record was a commercial failure.

10. Hines later called it the only flop Mason and Reed ever wrote.

11. Frazer Hines and his fellow lead actors Patrick Troughton and Wendy Padbury collectively decided that the workload of Doctor Who was exhausting them, and that they would soon depart from the show.

12. Frazer was the first to openly announce his intent to leave.

13. Troughton asked him to stay a few more months, to the end of the sixth series, as this was when Troughton planned to relinquish his role as well.

14. The three actors remained with the show until the conclusion of the final series six serial The War Games .

15. In a documentary about Patrick Troughton, Hines reported that they all left with smiles on their faces, feeling that their job was done and that it was well done.

16. Frazer also said that he remained in contact with Troughton afterward.

17. After his three-year stint as Jamie in Doctor Who, Hines resumed the life of a jobbing actor until 1972, when he was cast in the soap opera Emmerdale Farm as Joe Sugden, a role he played until 1994.

18. In between making episodes of Emmerdale, as it was renamed in 1989, he has continued a career in the theatre and made occasional appearances in other TV shows.

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