23 Adorable Truths Revealed About Ike Barinholtz

1. Isaac “Ike” Barinholtz is an American actor, comedian, voice actor and screenwriter.

2. He was a cast member on MADtv from 2002 to 2007 and currently has a regular role on The Mindy Project.

3. In his film work, he is best known for his acting roles in Neighbors , as well for as co-writing the screenplay for the 2016 comedy film Central Intelligence.

4. Barinholtz was born in the Rogers Park area of Chicago, Illinois, and was raised in its Lake View neighborhood, and attended Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School, before attending The Latin School of Chicago for high school.

5. He had planned on becoming a politician, but decided to move to Los Angeles, California, to be an actor instead.

6. He worked at a telemarketing company and as a busboy before starting a career in comedy.

7. Barinholtz also attended Boston University and after dropping out, he worked for the Chicago Transit Authority before starting his comedy career.

8. In a 2012 phone interview, Barinholtz said he was inspired to pursue a career in comedy after attending a comedy show at The Vic Theatre and seeing several other comedians. His younger brother Jon Barinholtz is also an actor and comedian.

9. Barinholtz spent two years in Amsterdam with the famed comedy troupe Boom Chicago, along with Jordan Peele, Josh Meyers and Nicole Parker.

10. He has appeared in the films The Adventures of Big Handsome Guy and His Little Friend .

11. Barinholtz is a founding member of The Lindbergh Babies, an improv group directed by Del Close, who worked with John Belushi, Bill Murray, Mike Myers and Chris Farley.

12. He starred alongside Seth Rogen in the 2014 comedy Neighbors, as well as its 2016 sequel.

13. Also in 2016, Barinholtz played prison guard Griggs in the DC Comics film Suicide Squad.

14. Barinholtz currently appears with a recurring role as nurse Morgan Tookers on the Hulu comedy series The Mindy Project.

15. He is also a writer and story editor on the series.

16. Barinholtz officially joined the cast of MADtv in 2002 as a feature performer for the eighth season.

17. He was later promoted to a repertory performer status the following season.

18. Barinholtz would often pair up with fellow cast member Josh Meyers in various sketches for the eighth and ninth seasons similar to the Mike Myers/Dana Carvey and Jimmy Fallon/Horatio Sanz duos on Saturday Night Live.

19. Barinholtz also paired up with fellow cast member Bobby Lee in some of his sketches in the later seasons.

20. Barinholtz performs celebrity impressions, including Dane Cook, Mark Wahlberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kevin Federline, Howie Long, Nick Nolte, Fidel Castro, Matt Damon, Felicity Huffman, Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak, Andy Dick, Nick Lachey, Ashton Kutcher, Howard Dean, Bo Bice, and Ralph Nader.

21. In 2007, he decided not to renew his contract for the 13th season of MADtv.

22. Barinholtz has commented that he started getting “restless” and did not see eye to eye with some of the MADtv bosses about how decisions were being made.

23. In 2009, he performed at the Chicago Improv Festival alongside former MADtv cast member Jordan Peele.

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