26 Interesting Truths You Did Not Know About Jason Aldean

1. Jason Aldine Williams (born February 28, 1977), known professionally as Jason Aldean, is an American country music singer.

2. Since 2005, Jason Aldean has been signed to Broken Bow Records, a record label for which he has released six albums and twenty-four singles.

3. His 2010 album, My Kinda Party, is certified triple-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

4. His 2012 album Night Train is certified double-platinum, while his 2005 self-titled debut, 2007 album Relentless, 2009 album Wide Open and 2014 album Old Boots, New Dirt are all certified single-platinum.

5. He was raised by his mother, in Macon, where he went to high school at Windsor Academy.

6. During the summer, he would spend time with his father in Homestead, Florida.

7. Before going to work during the day, his dad would map out guitar chords on notebook paper to show Aldean where to place his fingers to play the chords.

8. Aldean sat and practiced all day while his dad was at work.

9. When his dad got home, he got out his own guitar and they played together.

10. Soon, after hearing a song only a few times, he could play it.

11. His early favorites included George Strait’s “The Cowboy Rides Away”, Hank Williams Jr.’s “The Blues Man”, and Alabama’s “My Home’s in Alabama”.

12. Both of his parents encouraged young Aldean as he progressed musically.

13. From age 14, after watching the country-music awards on television, he wanted to perform on stage.

14. With his mother’s help, he performed at the local VFW hall in Macon, Georgia.

15. He sang John Anderson’s song “Seminole Wind” and Tracy Lawrence’s “Sticks and Stones”.

16. He would later say that the entire audience all ten applauded, and that he almost had to be dragged off the stage because he was hooked on performing.

17. He then began performing at area talent contests and local fairs.

18. At 15, he joined the “house band” at Georgia nightspot Nashville South.

19. Aldean chose his stage name as there were already a number of people called “Jason Williams” including a well-known basketball player.

20. In order to stand out, he changed the spelling of his middle name, Aldine, to come up with the name Aldean.

21. Along with current Major League Baseball (MLB) players Adam LaRoche and Ryan Langerhans, former MLB players Chipper Jones and Tombo Martin, Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and fellow country singer Luke Bryan, Aldean owns a hunting company called Buck Commander.

22. Aldean owns 1,300 acres (5.3km2) of land just outside of Nashville, Tennessee dubbed “Black Jack Ridge”.

23. Jason is a Georgia Bulldogs fan and spends every Saturday he can watching games.

24. He played the first-ever concert at the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium for over 60,000 fans in April 2013, and Ludacris happened to make an appearance for their collaboration of “Dirt Road Anthem.”

25. Aldean has a bulldog named Athens, for the location of the university and also has a Man Barn at his home, which includes televisions, a full bar, leather couches, and Georgia Bulldogs decorations which is under renovation.

26. After high school, with his father’s help, Aldean and his band performed at Truman State University (previously Northeast Missouri State University) in Kirksville, Missouri.

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