8 Beautiful Truths You Did Not Know About Linda Fiorentino

1. Fiorentino got her first professional role in 1985 when she starred in Vision Quest.

2. She then starred in the action film Gotcha! which was filmed in the U.S., Paris, and on both sides of the Berlin Wall.

3. It was not until 1994 that she became widely recognized, receiving accolades for her performance in a modern film noir, The Last Seduction, as the murderous femme fatale, Bridget.

4. Because The Last Seduction was first aired on HBO television, Fiorentino was ineligible for an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, despite glowing reviews.

5. She later worked again with director John Dahl, who cast her in his film Unforgettable.

6. Fiorentino played the female lead in Men in Black in 1997 alongside Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

7. Fiorentino co-starred with Paul Newman in the 2000 heist film Where the Money Is; later she played a woman threatened by a sniper in the 2002 film Liberty Stands Still opposite Wesley Snipes.

8. “Growing up in South Philly and later Turnersville, N.J. gave Linda a street-kid sensibility.”

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