8 Favorite Facts Revealed About Tim Tayag

1. Timothy “Tim” Tayag is a Filipino and American comedian, writer, director, travel show producer and host and TV personality.

2. A pioneer of point of view standup comedy in the Philippines, Tim has been performing his brand of humor to audiences from all over the world except in Germany, where they frown upon Nazi jokes.

3. Tim started his comedy career back in 1997 in San Francisco, California to a full capacity audience of 4 people, including the homeless bum he paid to keep the audience real.

4. He quickly got work in prestigious clubs such as the Punch Line and Cobb’s after helping the waitstaff move furniture at closing.

5. After the dot-com bubble burst in 2002, Tim sold his belongings and packed his bags to explore the world on his unemployment checks from Uncle Sam.

6. Inspired by his travel adventures, which are documented in his quirky international television program “On-Foot” , Tim’s material covers his experiences from growing up in the Philippines, living in the States, and the absurd things he finds every day.

7. Aside from performing standup comedy, Tim writes for travel and lifestyle magazines, and hosts television shows and corporate events.

8. Tim was the official comedian of the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar but was not an athlete despite his prowess in “dama”, the barber’s version of chess.

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