9 Wonderful Secrets You Did Not Know About Jimmy Tingle

1. He completed two seasons with 60 Minutes II on CBS as the humorist/commentator in the Andy Rooney spot.

2. Other film credits include the role of the neighborhood bartender in Next Stop Wonderland, a priest in Boondock Saints, and a restaurant owner in By the Sea.

3. He co-starred in the PBS “Travels” series special “America with the Top Down” and appeared in “But Seriously” and “But seriously 94”, Showtime documentaries featuring prominent social satirists from Lenny Bruce to the present.

4. As political satirist, practitioner of non-violence and activist, Tingle received the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award for his efforts to support peace & social change and through whom, humor and satire help in combating destructive elements in society.

5. Tingle has the rare distinction of winning the prestigious “Best of Boston” award as both a performer “Best of Boston” 2001 in the “stand up comedy” category and as a producer in 2007 for Jimmy Tingle’s OFF BROADWAY Theater.

6. His theatrical credits include writing and starring in four different one person shows, all of which were directed by Larry Arrick.

7. The show made its Los Angeles debut at the Coast Playhouse in 1998 and was nominated by The L.A. Weekly for “best male solo performance” for their 20th Annual Theater Awards.

8. Uncommon Sense was followed by Jimmy Tingle in the Promised Land , which is currently in production to be released as a film.

9. In August 2007 JTOB was voted “Best of Boston” in “Theater Alternative” category by Boston Magazine.

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