9 Popular Secrets Of Catherine Tate

1. She has won numerous awards for her work on the sketch comedy series The Catherine Tate Show as well as being nominated for an International Emmy Award and seven BAFTA Awards.

2. Tate was born on 12 May 1968 in Bloomsbury and brought up in the Brunswick Centre.

3. Tate never knew her father as he left very early on in her life As a child, Tate suffered from an obsessive-compulsive disorder which centred on word association.

4. For example, Tate was not able to leave a jumper on the floor or it might have brought misfortune to her mother whose name began with the letter “J” like jumper.

5. Tate was approached at a post-show party at the Edinburgh Festival by then-BBC controller of comedy Geoffrey Perkins, who encouraged Tate to develop her character ideas, especially to push the boundaries with teenager Lauren Cooper.

6. The segment was a crossover between EastEnders and The Catherine Tate Show, featuring Eastenders characters Peggy Mitchell, Little Mo Mitchell and Stacey Slater, whilst Tate appeared as Lauren. Also at that time, she was a guest star at the 77th Royal Variety Performance and appeared again in the guise of Lauren Cooper.

7. During the sketch, Tate looked up at the Royal Box and asked The Queen, “Is one bovvered?

8. Tate had roles in three films in 2006, these included, Starter for 10, Sixty Six,

9. On 16 March 2007, Tate appeared for a second time on Comic Relief as some of her well-known characters from The Catherine Tate Show.

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