9 Ridiculous Facts Of Ron Shock

1. Howard Ronald “Ron” Shock was an American comedian and storyteller who was best known for his reenactments of stories that he extracted from newspapers.

2. Shock was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “One went on to become Quick Alert,” Shock said to the Salt Lake City Weekly.

3. “I sold it for $15,000, and the guy I sold it to made millions.

4. Shock began his comedy career at age 40, playing the Improv in Los Angeles, a gig that ultimately helped lead to his Showtime special “Bad Gig Blues”.

5. But it was on one of those Improv shows that Shock got his big break on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

6. Shock formed the legendary Texas Outlaw Comics with his friends Riley Barber, Jimmy Pineapple, Steve Epstein, John Farnetti and Bill Hicks.

7. He toured 40 weeks per year throughout the U.S. And Canada.

8. Shock’s success culminated in a one-man show in Los Angeles called The Storyteller.

9. Billed as a “concert of stories,” it featured Shock backed by musicians Kenny Moore and jazz guitarist, Scott May who performed original music.

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