9 Cute Secrets On Sissy Spacek

1. She went on to receive further Oscar nominations for her roles in Missing .

2. A six-time Oscar nominee, she received her sixth nomination for In the Bedroom , which also won her a third Golden Globe, this time for Best Actress in a Drama.

3. As of 2015, Spacek plays matriarch Sally Rayburn in the Netflix thriller series Bloodline.

4. In high school, she was named homecoming queen at her senior prom in 1968.

5. Spacek was greatly affected by the death of her eighteen-year-old brother, Robbie, in 1967 when she was seventeen, which she has called “the defining event of my whole life.” Spacek used the personal tragedy as a tool to be fearless in her acting career: “I think it made me brave.

6. Once you experience something like that, you’ve experienced the ultimate tragedy.

7. That’s what I meant about it being rocket fuel – I was fearless in a way.

8. Maybe it gave more depth to my work because I had already experienced something profound and life-changing.”

9. Her first credited role was in the cult classic Prime Cut , in which she played Poppy, a girl sold into sexual slavery. The role led to television work, which included a guest role in The Waltons, which she played twice in 1973.

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