9 Fabulous Truths About Alfred Hitchcock

1. Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, KBE He pioneered many elements of the suspense and psychological thriller genres.

2. He became a highly visible public figure through interviews, movie trailers, cameo appearances in his own films, and the ten years in which he hosted the television program Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

3. In 1978, film critic John Russell Taylor described Hitchcock as “the most universally recognizable person in the world”, and “a straightforward middle-class Englishman who just happened to be an artistic genius.”

4. In the same year, he left St. Ignatius to study at the London County Council School of Engineering and Navigation in Poplar, London. During the First World War, Hitchcock was rejected for military service because of his obesity.

5. Nevertheless, the young man signed up to a cadet regiment of the Royal Engineers in 1917.

6. His military stint was limited; he received theoretical briefings, weekend drills and exercises.

7. “The History of Pea Eating” was a satirical disquisition on the various attempts that people have made over the centuries to eat peas successfully.

8. His final piece “Fedora” was his shortest and most enigmatic contribution.

9. It also gave a strikingly accurate description of his future wife Alma Reville, whom he had not yet met.

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