15 Famous Truths About George C. Scott

1. George Campbell Scott was an American stage and film actor, director, and producer.

2. He was the first actor to refuse the Academy Award for Best Actor , having warned the academy beforehand that he would refuse it on philosophical grounds.

3. George Campbell Scott was born in Wise, Virginie, the son of Helena Agnes . His mother died just before his eighth birthday, and he was raised by his father, an executive at Buick.

4. As an adult, he tried on many occasions to write a novel, but was never able to complete one to his satisfaction.

5. He was assigned to 8th and I Barracks in Washington, DC, in which capacity he taught English literature and radio speaking/writing at the Marine Corps Institute.

6. His primary duty, however, was as an honor guard for military funerals at Arlington National Cemetery.

7. He later said his duties at Arlington led to his drinking. After his military service, Scott enrolled in the University of Missouri, where he majored in journalism and then became interested in drama.

8. He graduated from the university in 1953 with degrees in English and theater.

9. Dans 1958, he won an Obie Award for his performances in Children of Darkness .

10. He was on Broadway the following year, winning critical acclaim for his portrayal of the prosecutor in The Andersonville Trial by Saul Levitt.

11. This was based on the military trial of the commandant of the infamous Civil War prison camp in Andersonville, Georgia.

12. Dans 1970, Scott directed a highly acclaimed television version of this same play.

13. It starred William Shatner, Richard Basehart, and Jack Cassidy, who was nominated for an Emmy Award for his performance as the defense lawyer in this production.

14. Scott continued to appear in and sometimes direct Broadway productions throughout the 1960s.

15. The show was composed of three separate one-act plays all using the same set, with Scott portraying a different lead character in each act; it ran for 1,097 performances.

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