14 Rahsia orang yg amatlah lucu Anda Tidak Tahu Mengenai Tom Hollander

1. Beliau memulakan kerjayanya dalam teater, memenangi Anugerah Ian Charleson dalam 1992 for his performance as Witwoud in The Way of the World at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre.

2. He is known for his roles in comedic films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and In the Loop and drama films such as Enigma, Pride & Prejudice, Gosford Park and Hanna.

3. He played the lead role in the sitcom Rev., which won the British Academy Television Award for best sitcom in 2011.

4. Pada bulan Januari 2016, he became an Honorary Fellow of Selwyn College, Cambridge .

5. Hollander was born in Bristol, anak kepada guru, and was raised in Oxford.

6. He was actively involved in stage productions as a member of the Footlights and was president of the Marlowe Society.

7. He has worked repeatedly with Michael Gambon and Bill Nighy and is a good friend of James Purefoy.

8. Although highly respected as a character actor and the recipient of several awards, many of his films will still play on his height .

9. dalam 2008 he made a notable cameo appearance as King George III in the HBO mini-series John Adams, and ended the year as a memorable Colonel Heinz Brandt in Valkyrie.

10. He has worked once more with Wright, portraying a memorably flamboyant and menacing villain in Hanna .

11. Hollander later made a surprise appearance at the end of the third series of The Thick of It, the programme on which In the Loop was based.

12. dalam 2010, Hollander and writer James Wood co-created the TV series Rev., a sensitive comedy about the all-too-human vicar of an inner-city parish.

13. Reviews called it intelligent, realistic and very funny. Hollander played the sympathetic title character, Rev. Adam Smallbone.

14. He has voiced a young Joseph Merrick, yang “Elephant Man”, a disembodied head named Enzio in an urban gothic comedy and Leon Theremin, the Russian inventor famous for the electronic instrument that bears his name.

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