15 Kebenaran Awesome Didedahkan Tentang Jerome Flynn

1. He and his Soldier Soldier co-star Robson Green also performed as Robson & Jerome in the later half of the 1990s.

2. They released a version ofUnchained Melodywhich stayed at number 1 untuk 7 weeks on the UK Chart, selling more than a million copies and becoming the best-selling single of 1995.

3. The duo had two further number 1 perseorangan: “I Believe” dan “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted”.

4. Flynn was born in Bromley, Kent, the son of actor and singer Eric Flynn and drama teacher Fern Flynn.

5. When the film spawned a series of the same name in 1988, he was the only member of the main cast who was unable to reprise his role due to previous commitments.

6. dalam 1988 he played the character Freddie in the ITV drama; The Fear which was about the London underworld.

7. He appeared as D.S Eddie Hargreaves for six episodes of the police drama Between The Lines .

8. After Flynn and Green performed Unchained Melody on the programme, ITV was inundated by people looking to buy the song, and the pair were persuaded by record producer Simon Cowell to record it and release it as a single, a double A-side with White Cliffs of Dover.

9. The single was released under the name Robson & Jerome and reached number one in the UK chart in 1995.

10. It stayed at No.1 for 7 weeks in the UK Singles Chart, selling more than 1.9 million copies and making it the best-selling single of the year, and winning the duo the Music Week Awards in 1996 for best single and best album.

11. The duo had two more number one hits in 1995 dan 1996 dengan “I Believe” dan “What Becomes of the Brokenheartedboth re-makes of standards, they also produced two number one albums.

12. Flynn went on to star as Eddie Wallis , and was the star of the short-lived police show Badger in 1999.

13. Having semi-retired from acting and moved to Pembrokeshire, dalam 2007 Flynn directed and starred in the low budget film, Rude Tales.

14. The film was split into a series of short stories, all centred around the lead character, Jerome Rude, played by Flynn.

15. The film was screened at a small number of independent cinemas in the Pembrokeshire area.

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