15 Kebenaran Fabulous Anda Tidak Tahu Mengenai Dominic Keating

1. Keating dilahirkan di Leicester kepada bapa Irish; datuknya, brigadier yang, telah dianugerahkan OBE. His first stage performance was in primary school, playing a character in The Ragged School.

2. After graduating from the University College London with First Class Honours in History, he tried various jobs before deciding to be a professional actor.

3. To obtain his Equity card, Keating worked in a drag act called Feeling Mutual.

4. He enjoys golf, swimming, music, boogie boarding, tennis, reading and travelling.

5. Keating had success on the UK stage before working as a television and film actor.

6. Having moved to the United States, he gained the role of the demonic warrior Mallos on the short-lived 2000 series The Immortal. He starred in the Zalman King series

7. He also made guest appearances on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, G vs E and Special Unit 2 as well as on several other series prior to a major role on the series Star Trek: Enterprise, where he played Lieutenant Malcolm Reed.

8. Since then he has had guest roles on the series Las Vegas, Holby City and the CSI: NY episode Uncertainty Rules.

9. Keating joined the cast of hit show Heroes for its second season and played an Irish mobster in a four episode arc.

10. He also held a guest-starring role for three episodes on the Fox TV series Prison Break.

11. dalam 2010 Keating guest starred in the FX original series Sons of Anarchy.

12. At a Star Trek convention in Sacramento, California on 9 September 2006, he announced that he had been cast as an Australian scientist in the Species sequel Species IV.

13. He has also recently done work in several short films, including the latest by Tim Russ, called Plugged, a satire on modern advertising.

14. Dominic Keating was also responsible for the voice-over in the Ricky Gervais filmThe Invention of Lying” - 2009 release by WB.

15. Keating also does commercial and voiceover work, perhaps most famously on an early 1990s Vidal Sassoon commercial, where his British pronunciation ofsalonbrought him some notice as well as a spoof on Saturday Night Live.

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